Bishop Modern’s Discourse to the Church

Pope silhouette1Give Glory to God all of you on earth and peace be to you children of the Most High! Be not afraid, I say, Be Not Afraid. It is most expedite that we come together to usher in a New Faith together, with no fear! We have with us the faith of the ever growing, living Church in every community and parish. My children, we live in an age of terrible division and confusion of our very nature. We, who were made in the image of God have for so long forgotten the healing path of peace. Of all nations, beliefs, and creeds that, from the infancy, practice and preach peace are sentiments of Christ made whole. It is the fullness of Christ in the singular purpose of man’s unity and fraternity of brotherly love. As Our Lord said, “There is No greater Love than when a friend lays down his life for another,” so shall we be moved to do so for all mankind regardless of the past divisions our wounded Church has previously imposed on countless souls.

Dare I say, we the Church, have hurt the world as much as we have helped it. In a time where the world was young and needed faith in an infantile world of supernatural thought, the Church readily provided this baser and childlike faith for the edification of the innocent. But today, we bravely march forward, toward the hurt, the hungry, the disenfranchised, the poor, the ostracized, and the many children of God! Yes we know the hurt, the hungry, the disenfranchised, the poor, the ostracized, but who are the many children of God? It is you, it is your friends and family but also all who claim Christ as Lord and even more so that hold Christ’s traits of peace, love, unity, and serenity. It is all people who you should love and worship the Almighty God with! You shall be the face of Christ so that All may see Him in you with your encouraging words of inclusion. Do not build walls from your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. But who are my brothers and sisters in Christ? You shall find them in the holy Anglican Churches, the Baptist Churches, the Pentecostal Churches, the Lutheran Churches, the Jehovah’s Witness Churches, the Mormon Churches, and all Churches that claim Christ as head! But still yet, we are not yet fully reconciling His Mystical Body until we include our distant relatives in the Holy Spirit,the Jews, the Buddhists, the Muslims, the Hindu, the Unitarians, and all those of free thought which bear the namesake of the breath of God! Shall it be so you ask, Bishop Modern? Oh Yes! It shall be so that we bring them into our Church so as to once and for all end all division as St. Paul reminds us that Christ IS NOT divided and because of Christ’s act of redemption, He lives in all men! This is the fulfillment of my predecessors, my children! The path to peace and glory for God and His Church that all may know that we reign together for the sake of unity, of healing Mother Earth, and prosper in advancement of the splendid science of progress.

But beware, my soldiers of Mercy, there are those that wish to shame our walk in the light of day and have us return to an age of darkness and oppression. These are the foes of worldly restoration that boastfully and sardonically wear the mantle of “Catholicism” to preach a doctrine of exclusion and malignancy. They, like the pharisees, hold the letter of the law but forsake the heart of the law and measure all men to their impossible standards. They hold that divorced and remarried should be shamed and driven from the meal of oneness, the Eucharist! They hold gay and lesbian communities are in error for practicing their love! They hold that “Catholics” cannot pray with our Protestants as they believe in a different Gospel and likewise they hold that all faiths except Catholicism is False! They bring with them the storm cloud of oppression and indifferentism so that they may place us all so far under their feet so as to rule over us like nobility and we their lesser!

But I say to you, these are the foes of God who prevent our courageous advent to worldly Pope silhouette2peace and reconciliation to the Holy Spirit! It is time we proclaim the definition of ‘Catholic’ – which means Universal! And as a Universal Church, it is destiny that that all may be of one flock and of one shepherd, which is God! And in the hearts of all men, even Atheists, is the flicker of life and fullness of Him who created all things. Therefore, let not yourselves be troubled at the advancements of the foes of worldly peace but stamp them out with the truth of Christ’s love. It is inclusion we seek and those enemies of inclusion have naturally excluded themselves by their legalism and hatred toward men of different perspectives. So let us rise together, let us take up the faith of all and let the Church say, AMEN.


About Jonathan Brooks

I am a practicing Catholic, who adheres to the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church. I firmly and devoutly proclaim that the Roman Catholic Church is in fact the true and legitimate authority on the earth as Christ established it to provide the truth for the means of salvation. I also promote the Social Reign of Christ the King as not only a moral need but of law and necessity for the sake of humanity's salvation. I champion the Holy Rosary as well as the message of Our Lady of Fatima. I pray not only for the solemn consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary but also for the conversion of all people to the Catholic Church as the Church is likened to Noah's Ark of which no man may be saved lest he board this sacred vessel. For the Glory of God, I intend to make great use of the indissoluble and eternal doctrinal/dogmatic teachings of the Catholic Church to not only combat against the forces of Satan (Freemasonry, Satanism, Modernism, Socialism, Communism, etc.) but also to edify and God willing add souls to the Mystical Body of Christ.
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