Year of Masonic Virtues?

There has been a lot of talk about mercy these days, especially since the “Jubilee Year of Mercy” arrived on December the 8th 2015 (Feast and Holy day of obligation, the Immaculate Conception). Although, what we might be hearing from our local parish and no doubt from the Vatican is a very different kind of mercy than what must be prescribed for eternal salvation. For example, Pope Francis’ Address to Jesuit Refugee Service in September of 2013 was quoted,

True mercy, the mercy God gives us and teaches us, demands justice, it demands that the poor find the way to be poor no longer,” Pope Francis notes. “It asks us, the Church, us, the City of Rome, it asks the institutions – to ensure that no one ever again stand in need of a soup-kitchen, of makeshift-lodgings, of a service of legal assistance in order to have his legitimate right recognized to live and to work, to be fully a person…

Herein lies the misdirection of what is touted as “true mercy” according to not just Pope Francis but every new age ‘guru’ seeking to “enhance” mankind to a better version of itself or rather uncover the fullest potential of man.  Pope Francis is quite literally calling for the eradication of poverty as the highest possible form of mercy for mankind. However, I seem to remember Jesus Himself saying something about the poor when a costly anointing oil was purchased for Him for His burial but it Jesus say anything  until Judas made a fuss about the poor (which he didn’t really care about):

Then one of his disciples, Judas Iscariot, he that was about to betray him, said: Why was not this ointment sold for three hundred pence, and given to the poor? Now he said this, not because he cared for the poor; but because he was a thief, and having the purse, carried the things that were put therein. Jesus therefore said: Let her alone, that she may keep it against the day of my burial. For the poor you have always with you; but me you have not always. – John 12:4-8

Curious that Pope Francis sounds a lot like Judas in this regard. It would be a well founded suspicion that, like Judas, Pope Francis doesn’t actually care about the impoverished but rather he cares more about reforming how catholics worship.

But never let it be said that Catholics are not supposed to help the destitute nor shall it be evidence of a hidden agenda. In fact, we are supposed to help those who cannot help themselves. But this is not the ‘end all be all’ of the Catholic faith! To worship Christ as He has instructed us automatically commands us to serve those that are lacking but without the word of truth and food that gives eternal life; good works are not enough to save their souls no matter how good the soup kitchen is.

At any rate, what is being asked here is for the Church to redirect its focus not so much on the practice of holiness to obtain salvation but humanitarian practices/solutions veiled in corporal works. This naturalistic-like philosophy can only lead to disdain for religion. I use the word ‘naturalistic’ quite literally as Pope Leo XIII’s 1884 encyclical Humanum Genus:

12. Now, the fundamental doctrine of the naturalists, which they sufficiently make known by their very name, is that human nature and human reason ought in all things to be mistress and guide. Laying this down, they care little for duties to God, or pervert them by erroneous and vague opinions. For they deny that anything has been taught by God; they allow no dogma of religion or truth which cannot be understood by the human intelligence, nor any teacher who ought to be believed by reason of his authority. And since it is the special and exclusive duty of the Catholic Church fully to set forth in words truths divinely received, to teach, besides other divine helps to salvation, the authority of its office, and to defend the same with perfect purity, it is against the Church that the rage and attack of the enemies are principally directed.

*As a side note, this encyclical is actually a work on Freemasonry – keep that in mind as we go forward*

Using this holy instruction from Pope Leo XIII, we then can get a better understanding of Pope Francis’ words. Especially in his recent Bull Misericordiae Vultus of the Indiction of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy he writes,

Jesus of Nazareth is the face of the Father’s mercy – he reveals the mercy of God by his words, actions, and person. We follow Jesus’ example when we open ourselves to the Father’s mercy by looking sincerely into the eyes of our brothers and sisters, including those who are denied their dignity.

More and more we see that the  motivating drive behind this Jubilee seems to be about a distorted version of Social Justice striving to, according to Pope Leo XIII, undermine Catholic teaching. Notice also that naturalists always use humanitarian language, referring to “rights” and redirecting purposeful instruction on human “dignity”. With statements like, “the root of all evil is inequality”, we can see the silhouette of his teachings regard only earthly duties that purly reflect service of man rather than concerning oursleves with the service and rights of God.

Humanum Genus, as noted previously, is an encyclical dedicated to not only condemning Freemasonry’s satanic spirituality but also to exposing its methods of application. Now I am not insinuating that Pope Francis is a freemason but I certainly am saying that he employs masonic syncretist beliefs. Pope Leo XIII stated,

16. …they thereby teach the great error of this age-that a regard for religion should be held as an indifferent matter, and that all religions are alike. This manner of reasoning is calculated to bring about the ruin of all forms of religion, and especially of the Catholic religion, which, as it is the only one that is true, cannot, without great injustice, be regarded as merely equal to other religions.

From what we have heard from Pope Francis thus far, concerning not only his “brand” of mercy, intercommunion, approving Zionists, and bowing to Mecca, could not Pope Leo XIII’s Humanum Genus be a clear and concise explanation on the direction of this Jubilee? The pure, unadulterated principles of Masonic religious indifferentism veiled ever so cleverly as Catholic charity. This seems to be precisely the direction our current pontiff wishes us to go, for if it wasn’t, why doesn’t the Pope himself affirm that indifferentism was and still is condemned? In following Pope Francis, where else could this Jubilee of Mercy find the faithful other than compromising the faith for sake of human togetherness? And for the fact that there are different camps of belief within the Church is testament to the spiritual cruelty and ambiguous direction of this current Papacy. I have often heard many Traditionally minded Catholics say, “it’s not so much as what he (Francis) says but what he fails to say” but I would completely disagree. Pope Francis often times scandalizes every time he opens his mouth and deliberately fails to shepherd souls to Christ.

But regardless, we cannot afford to stop praying Pope Francis and for God’s will to come through these dark days. And when it does, hell or high water, the Church will be renewed, but by then, God’s True Mercy may not be available to those who willingly allow blind men to lead them.

Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, pray for us!


About Jonathan Brooks

I am a practicing Catholic, who adheres to the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church. I firmly and devoutly proclaim that the Roman Catholic Church is in fact the true and legitimate authority on the earth as Christ established it to provide the truth for the means of salvation. I also promote the Social Reign of Christ the King as not only a moral need but of law and necessity for the sake of humanity's salvation. I champion the Holy Rosary as well as the message of Our Lady of Fatima. I pray not only for the solemn consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary but also for the conversion of all people to the Catholic Church as the Church is likened to Noah's Ark of which no man may be saved lest he board this sacred vessel. For the Glory of God, I intend to make great use of the indissoluble and eternal doctrinal/dogmatic teachings of the Catholic Church to not only combat against the forces of Satan (Freemasonry, Satanism, Modernism, Socialism, Communism, etc.) but also to edify and God willing add souls to the Mystical Body of Christ.
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